In the disassambled FIle 06_BB_MPEH.fls we can see that its the same mux procedure as the Meizu M8 have!

GSM Processor: Infineon 8876 X 2.1 (seems to be) also called PMB 8876
Supported AT Command: via UArt and Usb and a terminal prog you can send AT-Commands to the Arena.
This is a list of support commands AT Commands

The infineon 8876 GSM processor seems to be connected through a serial uart line to the Main CPU As software there seems to be a [MUX0710] calles GSM muxxer. according to regedit on the [M8] it seems that it ueses: COM 1 which is used to communicate with the Modem COM 7 and 9 which are created by the mux.

MUX0710 seems to be a standard term so we cant assume that alle mux0710 is the same

Links: MUX0710.rar @ pudn

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