Original Firmware Filestructure

The Firmware consists of many Parts
The PSI / SLB and UA have something to do with the booloader, because a other LG phone with the same chip has the same Filestructure

The Parts from an extracted Firmware like (not downloaded files)

LG KM900 ARENA V10_E Filesize SAMSUNG-c6620 Filesize
Probably Rom Bootloader 01_psi_large_block_16_bit_paging.flb 127Kb psi.flb 115Kb
Probably Rom Bootloader 02_slb_large_block_16_bit_paging.flb 531Kb slb.flb 252Kb
Probably Debug / Flash Bootloader 03_ua_large_block_16_bit_paging.flb Kb cell-content Kb
Stand BB for Baseband? => PMB8878? 04_BB_MPEH.dsp Kb cell-content Kb
Stand BB for Baseband? => PMB8878? 05_BB_MPEH.eep Kb CLICK.eep Kb
Stand BB for Baseband? => PMB8878? 06_BB_MPEH.fls Kb CLICK.fls Kb
Stand BB for Baseband? => PMB8878? 07_BB_CUST.dfat Kb cell-content Kb
Probably also a Bootloader from A250 Imageon 08_a250_bl1.fls Kb cell-content Kb
Includes Code from LG for A250 Imageon 09_a250_image.fls Kb cell-content Kb
Includes Code from LG for A250 Imageon 10_a250_oem_code.fls Kb cell-content Kb

The structure of the psi.flb from the Samsung is 99%the same!
It use the same CPU as the Arena

This are the Parts who can downloaded with Flashtool

Arena Adresses
Samsung Adresses

Partition no?# File Start Adress on Arena Lengh on Arena Size in Kb Partition no?# Start on Samsung Lengh on Samsung
5 CALIB 0x56000000 0x14000 80
7 STATIC_EPP 0x544FC000 0x14000 80 7 0x45000000 0x20000
6 DYNAMIC_EPP 0x54440000 0xA000 40 6 0x43F40000 0xC000
4 CODE 0x46100000 0xF00000 4 0x41000000 0xF30000
4 CODE 0x40000000 0xA0000 5 Named Cust 0x41F30000 0x50000
5 CLONE 0x30000000 0x10800100 5 0x38000000 0x4200000
5 PREFLASH 0x33000000 0x3FC00 5 0x30000000 0x4200100
5 IMAGE 0x20000000 0xA 0x 0x
0 EXEPTION_LOG 0x18000000 0x48B0200 3 0x82000 0x40000
0 ROOT_DISK 0x10000000 0x58A0200 0 0x50000 0x10
0 CUST_DISK 0x80000000 0x2A55800 0 0x50000 0xE
0 USER_DISK 0x34000000 0x12C00000 0 0x50000 0xF
5 AMD_BL1 0x32100000 0xC800000 not existing
5 AMD_BL2 0x32200000 0x12C00000 not existing
5 AMD_OEM 0x32300000 0x12C00000 not existing
5 AMD_OEM_PA 0x32400000 0x12C00000 not existing
5 AMD_USER 0x32500000 0x12C00000 not existing
5 OEM_DATA 0x32500000 0x0512C000 not existing
PSI 0x00090000 0x00010000 16 0x43F40000 0xC000
EBL 0x40000000 0x03000400 510 0x43F40000 0xC000

Complete Memory Map

Attention: The first Number is the Start-byte, the second the Endbyte!

ARM926EJ-S Memory Map

3.2 System Memory Map
This section summarizes the system boot settings and memory maps.
3.2.1 System Boot Settings
The boot method is selected by using the strap pins BRBOOTSEL,
VINITHI, and INITRAM. These three pins determine which device and
which address location the ARM926EJ-S processor uses. Possible boot
devices are the External SRAM, an external slave connected to the AHB
Slave Expansion Port using the Segmentation Bridge, or the Instruction
TCM, if the Processor System for ARM926EJ-S supports the use of
TCMs. Check the ARM926EJ-S processor datasheet.

files to can be downloaded

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