1. PMB8878, S-GOLD3H Baseband Processor system - baseband IC combined with a 3G coprocessor IC, running with Nucleus RTOS: ARM926EJ-S, the Main-CPU (Processing core) & ARM7 TDMI-S, 3G Coprocessor Subsystem
  2. AMD IMAGEON A250, Application Processors - ARM1176JZ-S Processor combined with 2D/VG Graphics, Imaging, Display, Video, Audio and Security engine
  3. PMB6821, the Power-Management controller
  4. PMB 6952 SMARTi 3GE combined SMARTiPM quad-band GSM/EDGE and SMARTi3G triple-band WCDMA transceivers in a laminate based PG-TFSGA-121-2 package
  5. WM8990, the multimedia chip
  6. 8Gbyte eSD Version 2.1 : SD I/F (I-NAND), Storage of the User-files
  7. 2G NAND +1G DDR SDRAM, Storage of the OS, LG propritary OS
  8. 5 Mega pixel Camera, Micron MIPI
  9. 3.0” LCD TFT 480x800 WVGA, 1677K True color TFT + Backlight : BD6088GUL Intelligent LED Driver - 6 white LEDs in parallel connection
  10. BCM4325 Low-Power 802.11a/b/g with Bluetooth® 2.1 + EDR and FM
  11. MAX9722BETE Audio amplifier
  12. TQM7M5005 GSM Power Amplifier Module
  13. Micro SD Memory Module with eight exposed contacts on one side

Functional Block Diagram

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