The Header of this file consists of the parts of the Firmware and the binaries of them.
Also execute this file the a250 Boot image, and the HITACHI 3.0 INCH WVGA LCD.
And the Driverfiles were opened?

dword_19B94     DCD 0x40BE56D4          ; DATA XREF: sub_198F0+Cr
ROM:00019B94                                         ; sub_1993C+14r ...
ROM:00019B98 aDriversFtlSrcB DCB "drivers\ftl\src\bbr_tables.c",0 ; DATA XREF: sub_198F0+38o
ROM:00019B98                                         ; sub_19BD4+18o ...
ROM:00019BB5                 DCB 0, 0, 0
ROM:00019BB8 off_19BB8       DCD dword_434+0x12      ; DATA XREF: sub_198F0+30r
ROM:00019BBC dword_19BBC     DCD 0x40BEB63E          ; DATA XREF: sub_1993C+3Cr
ROM:00019BBC                                         ; sub_1993C+164r ...
ROM:00019BC0 dword_19BC0     DCD 0x40BE7844          ; DATA XREF: sub_1993C+40r
ROM:00019BC0                                         ; sub_1993C+F8r ...
ROM:00019BC4 dword_19BC4     DCD 0x40BEB738          ; DATA XREF: sub_1993C:loc_199D0r
ROM:00019BC4                                         ; sub_1993C+C0r ...
ROM:00019BC8 dword_19BC8     DCD 0x40BEB79C          ; DATA XREF: sub_1993C+D4r
ROM:00019BC8                                         ; sub_1993C+24Cr
ROM:00019BCC dword_19BCC     DCD 0x40BEB60C          ; DATA XREF: sub_1993C:loc_19A20r
ROM:00019BCC                                         ; sub_1993C+130r ...
ROM:00019BD0 dword_19BD0     DCD 0x40BE595E          ; DATA XREF: sub_1993C+154r
ROM:00019BD0                                         ; sub_1A090+18r ...

the source files were included
bbr_tables.c =

  • Bad-block-relocation (BBR) target for device-mapper.

* The BBR target is designed to remap I/O write failures to another safe
* location on disk. Note that most disk drives have BBR built into them,
* this means that our software BBR will be only activated when all hardware
* BBR replacement sectors have been used.

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